Team warm-up

Now, let's dive into the specifics of warming up a group before a discussion!

Warming up the group before discussing such an important topic as teamwork can make the conversation more engaging and productive. It's important that the warm-up involves all participants and creates a positive atmosphere before the main discussion.
To do this, prepare sheets of paper and markers for each participant. Come up with a few simple questions related to teamwork. For example:

  • Your metaphor for an excellent team - what image comes to your mind?
  • The best way to destroy a team is...
  • What helps you most to enjoy your work in the team?
  • The main driver of team development is...
  • What skills should an excellent team leader possess?
Divide the participants into teams of 3-10 people.

Each team randomly receives a question related to the topic of discussion.

The task for each team is to gather as many answers as possible from all participants for their question within 7 minutes. Let the participants freely move around the room and try to interview as many people as possible, writing down the answers on a sheet of paper. In the end, each participant should have a whole list of answers.

Then, each sub-group summarizes, highlighting the 3 most popular, interesting, unexpected, or important answers in the opinion of the group (depending on the task). They write them on cards.

Each team presents their answer options to all participants, putting the top answers below the question.

This kind of a warm-up is applicable to any topic. The key challenge is to come up with questions!